Nevertheless,She Persisted (1)

The Women's Lobby of Colorado seeks to provide better opportunities for women in our state by ensuring that public policies reflect gender equity and justice.

In order to serve this purpose, The Women's Lobby of Colorado is run by an all volunteer Board of Directors. Board members are active, working board members, meaning that in addition to providing strategic guidance for the organization, they are responsible for executing on the goals and priorities the board as a whole establishes.

For Fall 2017, The Women's Lobby of Colorado is actively looking to expand its Board of Directors. At present, the Board maintains three subcommittees: Legislative Committee, Communications Committee, and the Fundraising and Membership Committee. In addition, the Executive Committee is made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary.

We are seeking diverse applicants from across the state that can play a vital role within our committees and help ensure that the needs of Colorado girls, women, and families are represented at the state capitol.

Apply today to join the Board.

Note: The board meets monthly and will review applicants on a rolling basis. If you have any additional questions, please reach out at: