The Women's Lobby of Colorado Mission:

The Women’s Lobby of Colorado seeks to provide better opportunities for women in our state by ensuring that public policies reflect gender equity and justice.

By consistently maintaining a daily lobbying presence at Colorado’s Capitol, our all volunteer organization has kept the needs of women front and center in our state’s public policy debates for more than a decade


The Women’s Lobby of Colorado Issues: 

The Women's Lobby supports legislation that improves gender equity and justice. Although we support many different issues and policies, the list below shows what some of our priority issues include.

Earned Income Tax Credit: The EITC is the best known tool for fighting poverty and is an effective way to help working families become self-sufficient. Adopting this tax would be a step towards addressing childhood poverty and income inequality in Colorado.

Protecting Reproductive Rights: Women deserve access to high quality, affordable and accessible reproductive health care. To that end, we support legislation that promotes such policies. The Women’s Lobby also supports access to information, and the right to comprehensive human sexuality education.

Civil Unions: We believe that same sex couples should have the right to legal recognition and state level rights similar to opposite sex married couples.

Job Protection Civil Rights Enforcement: Colorado is one of only eight states whose Anti-Discrimination Act does not protect victims of harassment or discrimination if their company employs less than 15 people. We need an update in legislation so Colorado's laws match Federal laws against intentional discrimination. Additionally, there should be no age limit on discrimination. Proven discrimination should have consequences.

Support for Women who Experience Domestic Violence: The Women's Lobby supports policies that protect survivors of domestic violence, both women and their children.

Quality, Affordable Health Care: The Women's Lobby supports the expansion of Medicaid benefits and recognizes the importance of affordable health care for all. We support policies and funding that increase accessibility of health care services for all Coloradans.

Equal Pay: Women who work full time are paid just 77 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts. African-American women are paid 62 cents, and Latinas are paid just 54 cents for every dollar paid to men. The gap has been closing at a rate of less than half a cent per year since the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963, according to nonprofit advocacy group The National Partnership for Women & Families. At this rate, women’s pay will not catch up to men’s for another 40 years. (Forbeswoman, 4/2012)

Support for the Elderly: Colorado is one of only three states that does not have mandatory reporting for elder abuse. We support an increase to the currently underfunded Older Coloradan fund, and required reporting of elder abuse.

Affordable Child Care: In 2014, Colorado was ranked as the fifth least affordable state for child care. The Women's Lobby supports policies that provide support for low income families and others struggling to afford child care. In 2014, The Women's Lobby helped to successfully pass the Child Care Tax Credit, which helps to provide financial relief for families in Colorado who cannot afford child care.

Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault: The Women's Lobby supports legislation and policies that increase access to supportive services, including health care, for women who are survivors of sexual assault. Policies that the Women's Lobby supports include ensuring there is adequate funding for support services, protection for survivors, holding offenders accountable, and policies that work to end sexual violence.