The Women’s Lobby of Colorado seeks to provide better opportunities for women in our state by ensuring that public policies reflect gender equity and justice. We promote social, economic, and political opportunities for all women in our state through a professional lobbying presence at the Colorado State Capitol.
While other organizations focus on specific issues, the Women’s Lobby is the only coalition in Colorado dedicated to promoting a broad range of women’s issues through responsive lobbying. Before we speak, we listen. We bring together people and organizations working on issues related to gender. Below is a description of how the Women's Lobby seeks to create more just, equal policy in Colorado.


Women's Lobby Bill Lists

The Women's Lobby of Colorado maintains a list of bills that have been introduced into the State Legislature. Click here to learn more and to access the bill list.


Issue Committee Meetings

The Women's Lobby of Colorado hosts our Issues Committee meetings--our legislative brown bag lunches--every first and third Wednesday of the session. Click here to learn more about the Issues Committee meetings and our other legislative events.


Annual Scorecard

The Women's Lobby of Colorado prepares a scorecard annually after the legislative session is over, to rate state legislators on how they voted on bills that impact women. Click here to learn more about the annual scorecard and to view past scorecards.