Women's Lobby Bill List

Every year, the Women's Lobby of Colorado maintains a list of bills that have been introduced to the State Legislature that will have an impact on women in the state. The most recent bill list is linked below and includes positions of women's organizations. To read the complete text of the bills included on this list, please visit the Colorado General Assembly webpage. 

Click here to view the final 2015 Bill List.  

Women's Lobby Priority Bill: 

HB 1221: Parental Involvement for Academic Achievement

In 2009, the Colorado State Legislature passed Parental Involvement for Academic Achievement which allowed many Colorado employees to take leave to attend their children’s school activities. Research has consistently shown that increased parental involvement in the education and schooling of their children correlates with greater academic achievement outcomes. This legislation expires this year and should be extended. Click here to read the fact sheet and learn more about this bill.



Bills the Women's Lobby has taken a position on:

Members vote on the position that the Women's Lobby of Colorado will take on bills that have already been introduced at the legislative brown bag lunch events. These events take place every first and third Wednesday of the month. Please visit our events page for more information and our membership page to become a member. 



SB12: Colorado Works Pass Through Child Support Payment (SENT TO THE GOVERNOR) 

SB20: Education to Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse & Assault (SENT TO THE GOVERNOR)

SB30: Prostitution Defense for Human Trafficking Victim (SIGNED INTO LAW)

SB285 - A Woman’s Right to Accurate Healthcare Information Act (KILLED) 

HB1001 - Early Childhood Educator Development Scholarships (KILLED) 

HB1111: Maternal Mortality Prevention Act (KILLED)

HB1020: Funding for Full Day Kindergarten (KILLED)

HB1024: Increasing Number of CO Preschool Program Students (KILLED)

HB1033: Strategic Planning Group on Aging (SENT TO THE GOVERNOR)

HB1079: Teen Pregnancy Dropout Prevention Program Funding (KILLED)

HB1088: Interagency Farm to School Grant Program (KILLED) 

HB1100: Older Coloradans Act (KILLED) 

HB1133: Continue Colorado Pay Equity Commission (KILLED)

HB1144: Prohibit Plastic Microbeads Personal Care Products (SIGNED INTO LAW)

HB1164: Postponement of Jury Service for Breastfeeding (SIGNED INTO LAW)

HB1194: Authorize General Fund Dollars for LARC Services (KILLED) 

HB1195: Commencement of the Earned Income Tax Credit (KILLED) 

HB1221: Employee Leave Attend Child's Academic Activity (Women's Lobby Priority Bill) (KILLED)

HB1235: Colorado Retirement Security Task Force (KILLED) 

HB1258: FAMLI Insurance Program Wage Replacement (INTRODUCED) 

HB1342: Personnel File Right of Inspection (INTRODUCED) 



SB268: Offenses Against Unborn Children (KILLED) 

HB1041: Protect Human Life at Conception (KILLED)

HB1112: Born Alive Infant Protection Act (KILLED)

HB1128: Women's Health Protection Act  (KILLED)

SB69: Repeal Job Protection and Civil Rights Act (KILLED) 

SB77: Parents Bill of Rights (KILLED)

HB1162: Ban Sex Selection Abortions (KILLED)

HB1171: State Freedom of Conscience Protection Act (KILLED)

HB1172: Repeal Punitive Damages Employment Discrimination (KILLED)