The Women’s Lobby of Colorado maintains an active presence at the State Capitol.

We promote social, economic, and political opportunities for all women in our state through a professional lobbying presence at the Colorado State Capitol. The Women's Lobby signs on as a supporter of legislation that improves gender equity and justice in Colorado, and opposes legislation that hurts gender equity. In addition, every year The Women's Lobby chooses one or two priority bills to lobby. Below is a list of previous priority bills, from the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions, and final bill lists for previous legislative sessions. 


Our 2014 priority legislative issues included:

Child Care Tax Credit (HB14-1072): In previous years, in order to claim the state child care tax credit in Colorado, families were required to claim the federal child care tax credit on their income taxes. However, many families are unable to claim the federal tax credit because they do not have enough liability. This legislation will fix the child care tax credit to allow the poorest Colorado families to benefit from it. This legislation will have a powerful affect on low income women, including single mothers.
Status: signed into law!


Our 2013 priority legislative issues included:

Fairness in Divorce- Determination Of Spousal Maintenance Upon Divorce (HB13-1058): Divorce is the number one reason that women fall out of the middle class. In Colorado, there was no consistency on how marital maintenance (“alimony”) is determined, and awarded maintenance greatly varies depending on the judge. This legislation provides guidelines, not requirements, for determining marital maintenance based on each party’s gross income, marital property, financial resources, and reasonable need.
Status: signed into law!


Sexual Assault Victim Emergency Payment Program (HB13-1163): Victims of sexual assault should have access to medical services, regardless of whether they have insurance or decide to report the crime. Although victims could have their medical fees covered by the Victim Compensation fund previously, individuals who chose not to report the crime, possibly due to concerns of safety or embarrassment, could not access this financial assistance. This bill extends financial assistance to victims who receive medical forensic exams but choose not to report the crime at the time of their exams.
Status: signed into law!


Prior Year Final Bill Lists:

The Women's Lobby of Colorado tracks legislation impacting women throughout the legislative session every year, and publishes updated lists throughout the session. To view prior year final bill lists, the bill list that includes the status of all legislation impacting women for the year, please click on the links below.

Final Bill List 2014: Click here

Final Bill List 2013: Click here

Final Bill List 2012: Click here


For more information on The Women's Lobby legislative priorities for the 2015 session, please click here.