An open letter to Representative Steve Lebsock from the Women’s Lobby of Colorado

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An open letter to Representative Steve Lebsock from the Women’s Lobby of Colorado: Representative Lebsock,

You do not have our permission to perverse our legislative scorecard in your efforts to discredit the brave women who have come forward to pronounce your indefensible behavior. We ask that you immediately stop tokenizing the Women’s Lobby of Colorado as a talking point in your defense to shift accountability from your actions.

The Women's Lobby of Colorado is an issue-based nonprofit organization. We do not have a political organization or PAC, we do not endorse candidates, and we do not give campaign contributions. Our scorecards are merely an account of how all 100 legislators voted on 10-12 pieces of legislation in a given legislative session that chosen by our members to represent the important issues facing women and families in Colorado. This record should not be taken as a broader statement about our organization’s support of the individual - personally or professionally - as a legislator. Your continued reference of our scorecard for your personal propaganda promotes, publicizes, and politicizes the very attitudes that allow sexual violence to continue to permeate our work environments and culture as a whole.

Our scorecard rating of you or any other legislator is not a trophy to be weighed AGAINST the truthfulness of the women speaking out against sexual harassment.

The Women's Lobby has always and will always stand in support of the rights of women (and all people) to work in any workplace of their choosing without facing sexual discrimination, harassment, or assault. It is for this reason that we cannot afford a moment more of your attempts to silence survivors with our scorecard and ask again, with a critical sense of urgency, that you stop misrepresenting your affiliation with our organization.

Representative Lebsock, the Women’s Lobby 2017 scorecard is only a reflection that you voted consistent with our organization’s positions on 12 bills – it means nothing more.


The Women’s Lobby of Colorado